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- How long does it take to setup before the event and tear down after?

It typically takes 2 hours to set up and 1 hour to tear down.

- Costs?

Outdoor movie costs are determined by a variety of factors. One factor used in determining event cost is screen size. Airblown Entertainment offers inflatable and non-inflatable movie screens in sizes ranging form 7feet to 25feet. We have screens to fit any budget or crowd size! Other factors affecting productions costs include movie licensing fees.



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- Sizes?

Airblown Entertainment has inflatable movie screens in several sizes The footprints range from a 7 foot diagonal to a 25 foot diagonal.  We have a screen size to fit any budget.

- Do I need to purchase a license to show a movie outdoors?

See the Film Licensing section

-What time can the outdoor movie start?

Our projectors are bright enough to see images on the movie screen 15 minutes before sunset. However, For the best possible movie experience we suggest starting the movie at twilight (30  minutes after sunset).  Sunset times are available from http://aa.usno.navy.mil/data/docs/RS_OneDay.php

- Liability Insurance

We carry a minimum of 1 million dollars in general liability coverage.  Per your request, we can provide a copy of the certificate.  You may be added to our general liability coverage as the "additionally insured" for an additional fee.

- Do you provide concessions and other forms of entertainment?

Airblown Entertainment can provide concessions.  Please see our other services page for more information.

- What happens if the weather is bad?

Please see our weather policy section.

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