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 If you are hosting a private, backyard movie party in the privacy of your own home you will not need a film license, however, if you plan on staging an outdoor movie night in a public place, we recommend that you purchase the appropriate non-theatrical movie viewing license. 

Obtaining a public performance license is a simple process. Airblown Entertainment cannot purchase the license for you, but we can help make it easy for you to obtain it. Here's what you do:



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  • 1st step: Select your movie title for your event. We can help. Ask us which titles attract the biggest audiences.

  • 2nd step: Is it available on DVD yet? Ask us or try www.amazon.com
  • 3rd step: Contact us to schedule our outdoor cinema services for your specific date and movie title

  • 4th step: Talk with us about how to obtain your public performance license

  • 6th step: Typically these companies will simply bill your credit card for the license. They'll notify you of any restrictions and they'll send you a printed license for screening the title at one address on a specific date. Either they'll supply you with a DVD or you bring your own.

Restrictions from Studios
Generally, if it's available on DVD it can be presented. Some filmmakers, such as Disney and its subsidiaries, have partially restricted use of their movie titles in outdoor settings. Please contact us or www.swank.com to learn more. Respecting copyrighted movies is fundamental for legitimately hosting outdoor cinema events. By respecting the copyright licensing laws, Airblown Entertainment and its customers help support outdoor cinema entertainment for years to come.

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