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     Before traveling to your event, our technicians check your local, online weather radar. If the chance of precipitation is 40% or greater, we will contact your regarding your options.

After set-up, if a sudden onset of bad weather prevents less than 75% of a movie to be shown, Airblown Entertainment guarantees you one make-up event in 2010 or 2011. If this occurs. Two fees will be charged: travel costs associated with returning to your venue, and a $250 service charge to cover employee time etc.



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You may shift event dates due to forecasted inclement weather. No charges will be applied if our staff has not begun traveling to your venue.

Airblown Entertainment reserves the right to delay / cancel set-up or pause production if the weather looks threatening (approaching rain, rain, thunder clouds, or dangerous winds) in order to protect our equipment.

Airblown Entertainment technicians will monitor live weather radar during your event and keep you abreast of any changes in weather that could affect your event.

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